About Harriet

Information Professional & Qualified Librarian

Note: I no longer post to this blog as of October 2019.

Hi there, I’m Harriet -I’ve been working in libraries (and museums, galleries, archives) for around 10 years now.

I started this blog to document my journey studying what began as a Masters in Librarianship at the University of Sheffield, which eventually evolved into completing the Postgraduate Diploma instead.

I studied a BA(Hons) degree in Art History at the University of Leeds first and fell into a library traineeship in an art gallery before I graduated.

My work interests specifically revolve around working with information and the arts in some way shape or form. I’ve enjoyed working with arts academics in archiving their research in repositories and enjoy researching within the arts, including acquiring new materials for collections, cataloguing and metadata, and promoting Open Access.

Personal interests include going to gigs, working my way through new record releases, reading graphic novels, reading about design and the history of design, making art when I have time, especially lino prints, illustrations and making the odd zine.

My studies are over now, but I’m going to leave this blog up for others to read.

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