About Me

Librarian and Information Professional with a background in supporting education, learning, teaching and research.

Work Life

Picture of me Harriet. I have dark brown hair in a straight bob and a blunt fringe. I have an undercut. Brown eyes. White skin. I'm wearing make up and have a navy blue and yellow leopard print dress on - it's nice trust me!

Hi, I’m Harriet!

I’m a qualified Librarian and possess 6 years of experience working in Higher Education and 11 years of experience across libraries, galleries, museums, and archives. Previous employment has focused on supporting educational activities, research support, managing and collating information, collecting data and data analysis, academic publishing, skill sharing and training, implementing new systems and bringing projects to fruition.

I have a BA in Art History from the University of Leeds and a Postgraduate Diploma in Librarianship from the University of Sheffield. My work interests focus on research support, Open Access, archiving research, and specifically practice-based research in the creative arts, the REF and repositories.

Pronouns: She/Her. 

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Personal Life

Here are just a few things I’m up to outside of work:

  • Zine Maker and generally drawing, crafting, sewing, textiles, art experimenting