CILIP Careers Day: North

I attended my first CILIP event last month and as someone about to start her Masters in Librarianship this Careers Day: North opportunity came at a great time.

To quote the CILIP website it was:

‘A careers-oriented day-conference facilitated by CILIP North West Member Network (NWMN) and supported by the North East and Yorkshire and Humberside Member Networks. Suitable for every career stage, and with expertise from across the Library and Information Services spectrum.’
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Because the internet…

(This won’t be the first time I reference rapper, singer, songwriter Childish Gambino in a blog post and it won’t be the last! Also appropriate as the first 4 second track on ‘Because the internet‘ is called ‘The Library (intro)’.)

I’ve wanted to write something about social media for a while now…

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Can you see the influence of a library in a degree show?

The season of the end of year degree show is upon us and for some of us may have already ended. This year I have been to more degree shows than ever before. I stumbled across this article by Elizabeth Price in the A-N Degree Show Guide, which inspired me to write this piece; along with attending the Leeds Beckett School of Art, Architecture & Design degree show titled ‘Do’.

As an art history graduate I want to suppress the need to dissect art works and think about them on my own terms and, ultimately, enjoy what I am looking at . I didn’t dissect Leeds Beckett’s show, but I did start to think, with my impending Masters, can you see what effect a library might have had on a degree show? Is there any way you could measure this? Can you see which/what resources may have helped?

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A Day in the Life of…

a Library Assistant!

I thought it might be interesting for other people to see a typical day in my life as a library assistant at a university library. I work in the Acquisitions department dealing with our print and e-books. This includes everything from processing orders to books reaching the shelves and/or your computer screen, tablet or phone screen.

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Are you experienced? (Part 2)

In my last blog post I was about to finish university.

As I mentioned in my final year of my BA study I gained a position at a museum in their learning team on a casual zero hours basis. After I handed in my dissertation in April I started applying for every job that appealed to me. Continue reading “Are you experienced? (Part 2)”

Are you experienced? (Part 1)

I’ve been thinking about this blog post for a while and struggled with how to write it, but firstly I feel like this is the kind of blog post I needed to see a few years ago and secondly I don’t think people’s rocky roads to careers are discussed that much.

This post is going to be really ‘me’ heavy, which I cringe about, however I’m hoping even though this is just from my one perspective it might give other people a different insight into working in libraries.

I’m going to begin by talking about my work history from the start and how my experience has led me to where I am now, which is currently working in a library as a library assistant, working in the acquisitions department with books and e-books and looking forward to starting my Masters in Librarianship this September.

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