Week 1 and 2 – Semester 1 – Year 1

Monday 25th September was my first day doing the Part Time Masters course in Librarianship. I’m going to try and keep up to date and post some general reflections on how I’m progressing.

As I’m studying part time this term I’m only in Mondays every week. I have two modules to study; Information Literacy and Management for Libraries and Information Services.

Week 1
Information literacy has been really interesting. I hadn’t realised I’d been “doing” information literacy in all my library positions. From small scale stuff like helping students use the online catalogue for the first time to introducing students to JSTOR and advanced searches. The initial lecture was great – interactive, group discussions, using different online software. We used something called Padlet to post what we thought our definition was of information literacy. We only used it in one way – kind of like posting post-its for everyone to see. I liked the immediacy of it. You could edit your note and it just had a nice design to it all. I think Padlet can do much more! But using it like this was great. We’re in a computer room so it’s difficult to have discussions across tables, plus the acoustics aren’t great for making sound travel.

Management for libraries and information services started off by asking us what we thought a manager is and what we thought managers do. We covered what we thought were good management skills and traits and the less good. I found this module engaging as many of our class discussions focused on things we knew, but we’d never really specifically thought about. We discussed points in groups and talked about our experiences of managers in different workplaces. We also had a guest speaker in our first lecture! Emma Hadfield – Learning Resources Manager at Thomas Rotherham College. She was an extremely interesting and engaging speaker explaining about her career history and her current role. She described difficulties in her position as well as saying yes to every opportunity that presented itself. She had done so much! It was great to hear from a previous student from this programme and what she was doing now.

Week 2 has been full on! Information Literacy we got right into group discussion and group work. As a group we had to make an instructional document on how to use a feature of Google Scholar. We used how to set up alerts. I realised how terrible I am at writing things straight off the bat. For instructions I usually like to do the thing I’m going to explain and hand write some notes. With this we kind of wrote them as we did them, which was fine, but as I was making the document with help from my course mates I was writing really informally and in normal circumstances I’d make it sound better. I’ve done it with this blog – I do it with everything. Write it basic then jazz it up. I am worried about being back at university and my writing style. However, I did have excellent help from the people I was working with to cut out pointless words and make it more direct.
I’m definitely going to take this back to my workplace. I’ve had to write instructions before and I always want to make them sound friendly (maybe I’m not comfortable telling people what to do even through the medium of paper hand outs!) so I’ll be being briefer in future!

We also were told our assigned tutor for our first assignment. Writing an annotated bibliography. I have never made anything like this before so I’m a little bit nervous.

So week one done! Didn’t die, wasn’t terrible! Didn’t feel completely out of my depth!
Week 2 lectures done! Loads of work to do…. In Progress!

(Also I said I only have 2 modules… 2 I have to attend. I also have Academic Writing and Digital Literacy Skills, which I am going to catch up on this weekend!)

3 thoughts on “Week 1 and 2 – Semester 1 – Year 1

  1. Cassandra G-W

    I actually really enjoyed doing the annotated bibliography, though I was quite apprehensive about it at first. Good luck with it all!


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