Week 3 and 4 – Semester 1 – Year 1

Now I’ve been studying a few weeks the same question is pouring in… ‘How’s the Masters going?’

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I love this illustration by Ketnipz.
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Now I’ve been studying a few weeks the same question is pouring in… ‘How’s the Masters going?’ and I’ve found the best way to describe it is the same way I respond to people who say ‘What did you think of season 3 Twin Peaks?’
My reply ‘Enjoying it is maybe too strong a word… Am I glad I watched it? Yes.’
So am I glad I’m finally doing my Masters? Extremely! Is it enjoyable? Erm…. not in the same way chocolate is enjoyable, or a beer, or staying in bed all day.

The Good:

-We’ve been put into groups in our Information Literacy class to deliver teaching on a topic and write a reflective (assessed) essay on our experience. I feel like we’re a strong group with a lot of different experiences. We met up today just to talk about things and I think most of us enjoy sticking to a schedule and a work plan so that’s going to happen (which makes me happy!) We’re teaching our other paired group something to do with Endnote! Wish me luck – I’ve never used Endnote before. We’re specifically using the online version too. I’ve had a dabble, but really need to get stuck in.

-I’m enjoying putting together my annotated bibliography. This is a very self-led assignment for the Information Literacy module. I have a tutor I’ve been assigned who I’ve been emailing about my progress. My initial idea is creating a bibliography about how arts students find information. I’m loving looking for articles and because this is something I’m personally interested in (I’d love to be an arts librarian one day). I feel like reading all these documents, even those that don’t exactly fit and I dismiss, is extremely beneficial!

-We’re starting to learn about reflective writing in Management for Libraries and Information Services. Before the session we had to read an article on the role of reflection in the library and information sector then we had to write, reflectively, about a time at work where we’d learnt something, changed our behaviour or the way others do things and if we’d needed to develop new skills. I worked with someone in my class who I hadn’t had a discussion with before and as she worked in libraries too it was nice to compare our experiences, even though I used one from my time working in administration in HE.

The Less Good

-There seems to be A LOT of watching online videos as part of our ‘homework’. I never really considered my ability for watching things like Youtube videos before, but I have discovered I am terrible! I can see the benefits as we’re essentially getting extra contact time on top of the face to face teaching we already have scheduled each week. I just don’t seem to learn well in this way, which is probably an issue considering how many videos we’ve had to watch already! Some videos we get are half an hour long. The Academic Writing module, which I’m doing remotely, has an hour and 20-minute-long videos. I can’t concentrate. I can’t make good notes. I’m really struggling with this. Also in terms of managing my workload better I decided to concentrate on the reading and writing this week and watch less of the videos. This really put me back in Information Literacy. We were learning about Inquiry Based Learning and I felt like I had no idea what was going on. It’s on my To Do list to go back and look at all the work again and make sure I watch all the videos.

– I’ve already contacted one tutor about this, but we seem to get our ‘homework’ or weekly tasks delivered in lots of different ways. Sometimes it’s mentioned in the class – sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes it’s on our VLE – sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes it’s emailed to us or a reminder is emailed to us – sometimes it isn’t. I’m finding this really hard to keep a track of everything. This week we had an email on Thursday about work for Monday. I’m really not keen on this. I think you should be told about your extra work during your lesson so you have a whole week to plan stuff out.

I’m gonna end this post by saying it’s probably a good thing I’m enjoy all the assessed work. I’m enjoying it and putting a lot into it and this is the work that gets graded…so hopefully positive. Right? I think I just keep struggling with the weekly tasks/homework and how much time to give them.

3 thoughts on “Week 3 and 4 – Semester 1 – Year 1

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  2. scaredycait

    Thanks for this post Harriet! It’s good to hear about the realities of library study and some of the not-so-good stuff that comes along with it – I think people expect it to be amazing because you get to study libraries, what could be better right? – but then it turns out that has its own issues. That’s a lot of stuff to be watching online – is it stuff you have to be looking at the screen for or could you listen to it as you go about your day?


    1. No problem – thanks for reading! The first few longer videos I watched the tutors were doing specific searches online I think. There’s like a small box with a web cam on the tutor so you can see them then like a screen cast I think it’s called. So you see exactly what they’re doing on their computer. So I felt like I really should be watching to see how they’re searching. Maybe I should try just listening to some though as I do something else. Like a podcast!


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