New Year. New Me.

hannah hillam 2

Not really readers! Same old same old over here.

I just wanted to quote a song off the new Bronx album ‘V’, which made my list of top 5 records of 2017!
Oh and also this awesome Hannah Hillam cartoon.

So I survived semester 1! And I have now completed all my assignments.
Lets see what I’ve got going on in 2018 so far…

What am I looking forward to in 2018?
– My new job!
From July to December I left my role in Acquisitions to act up in a new role in the Subscriptions and Open Access team to help with our new repository system we’ve implemented. It’s been a great experience; I’ve learnt so much about the role of the repository, research in the institution, the REF and working with other departments. This position became a full time permanent post in December, I applied, and I got the job! I’m excited to continue working with the team and with the repository and become more involved in the subscriptions side of the position.

-Starting a new module!
I’ve finished Information Literacy, continuing with the Management module and starting the Academic and Workplace Library module. I’m hoping this new module will be engaging and tie in with what I’m doing at work and also previous experiences I’ve had in academic libraries.

– Having a go at Climbing/Bouldering!
I’m only putting this here so I actually do it. If I don’t tell you I’ll just think about doing it and be too scared to go. And it’s not course or work related! In my job, and doing my course, I lead a very static life. I Sit. All. Day. It’s starting to get to me a bit as in loads of my previous jobs, especially full time customer facing roles, you are running about fixing printers and finding books on the top and/or bottom shelf. I’ve done the gym thing before, which is fine and I can make a damn fine gym playlist… but I fancy doing something different.

What am I not looking forward to in 2018?

-My Masters (kind of)
Did I trick you all into thinking this would be a super positive post since my last downer post?! And by also mentioning the new module above? I had to mention SOMETHING good right? Yeah it’s still an extra pressure in my life and something I don’t necessarily feel I’m getting better at/feel good about. Also feeling a little daunted by the huge group project I’ll be doing this semester as part of the management module.
Taking it a day at a time.

If you follow me on twitter the bane of my life is commuting! I live in Leeds, work in Huddersfield and study in Sheffield. This is not ideal. Last semester I was paying £13.40 a week for a day return Leeds to Sheffield. This was fine – it was doable! This semester I’m in Monday afternoons AND Thursday mornings. Did you know the CHEAPEST day return between Huddersfield and Sheffield is £20.90?!?! For a DAY RETURN?! I’ll be going to Huddersfield on Monday, back to Leeds, then to Sheffield, back to Leeds. Then kind of the reverse of this on Thursday mornings. This will double my commuting cost per month from around £53.60 to £107.20….. Not looking forward to this at all. This is on top of my monthly pass to commute from Leeds to Huddersfield 5 days a week. Roughly this will set me back about £260 ish a month (insert wheezing death emoji face) I might be looking at getting a car, but that’s all up in the air currently.

-The news and general doom and gloom of horrible things that happened in 2017 and what is likely to continue in 2018….. sigh.

So yeah that’s 3 good things 3 less good. I’m out!
I’d love to know what everyone else is looking forward to this year!

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