Week 1, 2 & 3 – Semester 1 – Year 2

So in comparison to last year….


(Meet Izbeen a tiny Robot Librarian)

This year has a very different vibe! It’s hard to explain it feels more like “proper” library stuff this year. It feels further from a career view (the management module and academic libs…) and more what I’d have expected from a librarianship course.

INF6103 – Information Organisation
The reputation of this module precedes it. I can see why this stressed everyone out so much last year – it’s stressed me out! There’s a lot of work and I don’t feel like I’ve caught up with any of it.

The assignment for this module is an e-portfolio (created with Google Sites) that you add to week on week. Each week has a different theme or topic and we have to do exercises to illustrate these, document them and write about them on our site. You might have seen my Twitter postings about my little LEGO robot librarian. We’ve been given LEGO to help us understand organisation systems, naming resources (like LEGO) and pretty much everything surrounding how to organise something. The book that we have been using the most is this one by Glushko – he can say everything much better than I can, but basically the LEGO is just an example of how something can be organised and the difficulties in doing this. The robot librarian we made to have something to write metadata about and look at “one to one principles” and again other things that are in that Glushko book! It’s all interesting, feels very practical and hands on (which I really like!), but there’s just a lot and I’ve spent most of the time feeling overwhelmed and wanting to get things right instead of having the time to really think about what I’m doing.

There’s also a lot of tech involved, you’re posting your tasks to Google+ to get other course mate’s comments on them (for some tasks this is compulsory) you’re trying to screenshot and document all this in Google Sites then make the site look all pretty and clear and nice. At one point I nearly scrapped everything and started again, but resisted. In short you have to actually do the work and do it well. Record all of this. Oh and there’s usually some reading to do. So there. is. a. lot. But it’s week 3 and everything’s calmed down a little so I might have the opportunity to catch up.

INF6180 – Libraries, Information and Society
This module I haven’t clicked with so well yet. I haven’t been able to do all the reading for this module yet because a) didn’t get the week 1 reading until veeeery short notice and still haven’t done it and feel so behind and b) because Information Organisation has taken up every spare minute I have. I’ve enjoyed the lectures so far and the bits of reading I’ve managed to do here and there, but it’s felt very much sit there for a couple of hours and listen. This module has one 100% essay assignment and we have a list of questions to pick from. Not one of them has grabbed me. I think I’m going to do the question about collection management though, which I think we’ve had our one and only lecture for, and it’s another “here’s some topics go and get on with it”. It’s not such a big deal, but I reckon I could just not go to anymore lectures, do my essay, and that’d be it. Obviously I won’t do that, but yeah I’m just not a fan of this structure.

Still on the job hunt! If anyone sees any fabulous library/information jobs in the Leeds area that would fit in with a one day a week librarianship course let me know!

My zero hours library job is keeping me going for now and I really enjoy working there. I’m also getting to help them sort some of the data in their repository out too! Keeping my foot firmly planted in that research support, OA, type role!

And that’s it! Everything’s been so hectic these past 3 weeks with everything going on, uni, job hunting, I haven’t done what I’ve said at all and had any “me time” or actually done much fun! I was going to type ‘Maybe that’ll happen…’ but right now I think I need to get my head down and crack on with everything!

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