Half Way Point! Semester 1 – Year 2

It’s the half way mark!
Enjoy my photo of a taxidermy rabbit from Weston Park Museum.


We visited the museum as part of our Information Organisation module to see how they display their exhibitions and information.

I want to start by making an apology to INF6180 – Libraries, Information and Society.  I’ve found out the group work part of this module (an assessed presentation on ethics) has been taken out! I know some of you are probably thinking that would have been useful and yeah I think that too – but there is so much group work and to not have this this year has been so good! So whoever decided to remove that element THANK YOU SO MUCH you have made my life infinitely better!

I think I judged this module too harshly at first and I feel pretty bad about it. We’ve covered some really interesting topics so far, like collection management, ethics, public libraries, academic and workplace libraries, and young people and libraries, and had some great discussions. It’s a good overall module looking at lots of different areas and is maybe the most theory based of all the modules I’ve done – without a practical side. I like this, and can appreciate it now, because it makes a change from modules like Information Literacy, Management and Information Organisation. I am now enjoying the sit and listen and contribute to a topic I may never write an essay on vibe of this module.

We’re also going to be given, I think, an opportunity to talk about our essay question choice and the ethical area we’re going to look at concerning this. I think this will really help me focus in on what I want to look at. I’m definitely not the best at your standard typical university essay so I’m a little apprehensive, but hopefully I’ll pass it! It’s the only assessment now they’ve taken out the group work and worth 100% of the module *gulp*.

For INF6103 Information Organisation we recently had an interim assessment. This is a new thing this year to check everyone’s’ understanding the assignment, which is an e-portfolio of material we create each week based on the reading and theme of the lecture/seminar that week. We’ve covered organisational systems, how and why things are organised, looked at metadata, Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, museums and archives and the differences and/or similarities between these and libraries, the National Fairground and circus archive, and a load of other stuff!

The interim assessment was only worth 10%, but we still had to pass of course and it was all a bit worrying to know have I done enough? Too little? Am I getting it? Thankfully, I passed with flying colours! Which is great to know I’m on the right track, but now all I can think about is keeping up this weekly intense level of work to keep that grade for the final 90% assessment. There. Is. So. Much. Work. It is all really interesting though and it was kind of a relief to know when I had worked on things in my portfolio and added a reflection like ‘I don’t think I really get this yet’ or ‘I think I could improve on this skill with practice’ that the markers aren’t marking me down because I don’t completely fully grasp something like RDFs yet.

Life stuff! Not a lot to report – I’m pretty boring! I’m working my butt off in my two zero hours jobs cos any time I ain’t working I ain’t getting paid. It’s been a bit of a struggle working as much as I can, plus doing my university work, plus looking for and applying for jobs. There haven’t been a lot of part-time jobs I’ve seen to apply to, but there’s a few applications I’m waiting to hear back from (fingers crossed). I’ve applied for a lot of full time roles, but all based closer to home (the 3 hour commute each day last year was definitely too much). Though I think studying 1 day per week is a bit of a barrier to getting an F/T role. I’ve also applied for a Postgraduate Advantage Scheme [PAS] (basically an internship) through Sheffield Uni where I’m studying. I didn’t get to do this last year because I was working full time. I really hope I get it and if I do I’ll tell you what it is. Actually, even if I don’t I’ll tell you anyway – I’m thinking of doing a job blog post soon as we maybe don’t talk enough about all the jobs we apply for and what we do and don’t get. I have a few friends who think I’m ace at getting jobs and maybe it’s just a) volume of my applications (also the more you do the more practice you get!) and b) I don’t really broadcast the jobs I don’t get!

Anyway that’s all for now, best get on with some homework!

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