Happy New Year

If you follow me on Twitter or Linked In you might have heard I quit my job!

Why have I done this? Well…

Jez from Peep Show on the right by a chain link fence saying "Maybe we should just accept defeat, resign ourselves to a bit of Jools Holland?"
Peep Show, Season 7 Episode 6, 2010.

2020 probably wasn’t the year to try and break into a new field was it? If I’d had any idea this year was going to go the way it has I might have stuck to what I knew! I decided to leave behind universities and the world of Higher Education, where I’d worked for some years, and try out the private sector! This was early 2020. I worked in two different roles at a company specialising in Academic Publishing. I started as a Publishing Assistant and Publisher of 2 journals (now sadly this job doesn’t exist anymore – not as it used to) and next as a Content Development Editor, which I’ve just realised I never blogged about this new job! Despite liking many things about academic publishing I realised my previous role just wasn’t for me. I wasn’t doing the things I care most about, I wasn’t using my skills to their full potential, and I wasn’t focusing on what was important to me in a job.

I learnt a lot though. It was beneficial to get outside of the education bubble to see how things worked somewhere else. I learnt that I absolutely hate writing copy haha I could never work in marketing or write for marketing. So this is useful to know! I did enjoy training, supporting and coaching my offshore team who I absolutely loved working with and for some time now I have wanted, since finishing my Librarianship qualification really, to get into a management position and manage a team. So this was a really great experience and now I know I’d like more of this!

Since finishing my job at the end of December I’ve decided to take a bit of a “career break” to focus on what I really want to do next.

And to be honest I kind of don’t know what that is! I don’t have a job title in mind or a specific area. I’m going to begin by focusing on my skills and what I like, what I enjoy doing and am good at. I’ve been casually looking at job advertisements and what’s been coming up. I’m not going to bypass any area! I could go back to universities, or publishing, or something completely different!

I do want to build on what I know though and find a job that ticks all, or as many of my boxes, as it can. Find a job that uses my skills with the appropriate compensation. A job with room to grow and progress. I know I like being able to facilitate learning, education or research in some way. I know I’m highly organised, enjoy problem solving and having the space, room and trust in improving workflows and procedures. I know I enjoy looking at, finding, collecting data and reporting on what it means. I know I like working with systems. I know I like to manage a team. I enjoy working towards shared aims and goals. Working collaboratively with others. I also really enjoy the responsibility of working alone on set projects or tasks.

I’ve been asking around for help and advice when it comes to finding the right job too. I’ve been asking some of my most trusted friends what makes their job so satisfying? What do you like? And the main point that comes through again and again is : Autonomy.

People who are in control of their work (or large aspects of it), what they do, how they do it.

I need a role with autonomy.

I think the next thing, and the harder thing, to focus on is the work environment. I want to find an amazing boss, an amazing team, an amazing group of people. But you can’t really tell these things from a job application or even trying to research an organisation. This is a problem I’m currently trying to figure out!

So readers (if there are any?!) what have you done differently to find a new job? Who have you spoken to? What exercises have you done? Have you left a negative work environment for a positive one? Have you left a job that was just completely the wrong fit for the right one? Did you set out to find yourself a great boss? How did you do that?

Go ahead and comment below or contact me or hit me up on Twitter.

As my weeks are much less busy I’m going to blog more regularly. My next post will be on my “Strategy” and how strategy is something I don’t think about in relation to myself. I’ve only ever thought about it via a company’s strategy and memorising this for an interview. What is my (or how am I going to make a) strategy for myself in not only what I want to do next, but what I want a career to look like.

I’m also going to post on the …. quadfecta. I really wanted it to be trifecta. It sounds cooler. Basically “The Holy Quad.” What four things make a job good? Excellent? Amazing? You have the actual Work itself. The People. The Money. And maybe what I hope will become less relevant if recruitment get in gear… The Place. Follow the blog to make sure you don’t miss a post!

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