Career Coaching Part 1: Why a careers coach? And finding a Careers Coach.

I have had a lot of questions about my recent experience with my career coach and what better way to spread the knowledge than through blog posts. In this first instalment I’ll cover why I decided on a career coach and how I found one. Everything in this post is from my point of view (graciously read over by my career coach to make sure I didn’t get any facts incorrect!), which means that everything in here undoubtedly will not work for everyone, but it might help you if you’ve been considering a career coach, what to expect, and how to find one!

I feel like I should say here this blog isn’t an ad! I wanted to do this, I paid for my career coaching sessions, and asked my career coaches’ permission to write about her and her services afterwards, and here we are!

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That Summer, at Home I had become the Invisible Boy

I took the title for this post from one of my favourite songs from one of my favourite bands The Twilight Sad. There are some SWEARS so beware small children, etc. I’m sure while you listen to it you can draw some parallels of what’s going on right now in our country and how our summer has been.

Image of the cover for the Twilight Sad single "That summer, at home I had become the invisible boy" a boy and girl illustrated realistically sit opposite each other. The boy holds a book and the girl is pointing at the pages. Everything is coloured in a shade of blue. The boy and girl have handkerchiefs over their faces tied behind their heads. The handkerchiefs have eye and mouth holes cut out,.
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