Pure, REF and OA Training

As I received a few questions online and in person about this training I thought I’d outline what I did here in case anyone is interested in me running a similar session for their institution.

I recently gave some training at an institution I had a temporary contract with filling in staff absences to manage their repository; specifically research outputs.

A number of new staff had joined the team and some of the new staff would be managing the repository and processing research outputs. The majority of the staff had no previous knowledge of Pure, the REF or OA.

I gave an hour long presentation covering some main aspects of Pure (a Current Research Information System [CRIS] / Repository) followed by an hour long practical looking at items that needed processing and what issues can come up when validating research outputs in Pure.

The main focus of the training was to give the attendees the skills to process a journal article, including valuable information such as; what is the accepted date and how do you get it, REF rules on deposit dates, the importance of Author Accepted Manuscripts or Post-Prints, entering authors and their affiliations correctly, the problems with publisher’s and their websites (!) explaining embargoes, using Sherpa/Romeo, the importance of DOIs, information on Open Access [OA] and CC BY licencing, and other features of Pure.

There’s a contact form on the bottom of my ‘About Me‘ page so feel free to get in touch if you have any other questions about this training and/or if you feel you or your institution would benefit from a session like this and we can discuss times, dates and pricing.