Week 3 and 4 – Semester 1

I love this illustration by Ketnipz.

ketnipz learningYou can buy his stuff here.

Now I’ve been studying a few weeks the same question is pouring in… ‘How’s the Masters going?’ and I’ve found the best way to describe it is the same way I respond to people who say ‘What did you think of season 3 Twin Peaks?’
My reply ‘Enjoying it is maybe too strong a word… Am I glad I watched it? Yes.’
So am I glad I’m finally doing my Masters? Extremely! Is it enjoyable? Erm…. not in the same way chocolate is enjoyable, or a beer, or staying in bed all day.
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Week 1 and 2 – Semester 1

Monday 25th September was my first day doing the Part Time Masters course in Librarianship. I’m going to try and keep up to date and post some general reflections on how I’m progressing.
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The Northern Collaboration Conference 2017: Part 1

This years NCC was subtitled: ‘Digital Transformation: responding to the challenge in academic libraries.’ 

The conference was held at York University. It was an amazing day and got me thinking about all the different ways libraries use all things digital. I’ve split the day into two blog posts as there was just too much to cover!
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Full Time? Part Time? Or Distance Learning?

In this blog post I look at the different options I’ve been faced with when choosing how to study for the Masters course in Librarianship and the fees and other financial things you might have to consider depending on which option you choose.

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CILIP Careers Day: North

I attended my first CILIP event last month and as someone about to start her Masters in Librarianship this Careers Day: North opportunity came at a great time.

To quote the CILIP website it was:

‘A careers-oriented day-conference facilitated by CILIP North West Member Network (NWMN) and supported by the North East and Yorkshire and Humberside Member Networks. Suitable for every career stage, and with expertise from across the Library and Information Services spectrum.’
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Because the internet…

(This won’t be the first time I reference rapper, singer, songwriter Childish Gambino in a blog post and it won’t be the last! Also appropriate as the first 4 second track on ‘Because the internet‘ is called ‘The Library (intro)’.)

I’ve wanted to write something about social media for a while now…

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