The School of Ex-Libris

So I had an idea…

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Because the internet…

(This won’t be the first time I reference rapper, singer, songwriter Childish Gambino in a blog post and it won’t be the last! Also appropriate as the first 4 second track on ‘Because the internet‘ is called ‘The Library (intro)’.)

I’ve wanted to write something about social media for a while now…

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Can you see the influence of a library in a degree show?

The season of the end of year degree show is upon us and for some of us may have already ended. This year I have been to more degree shows than ever before. I stumbled across this article by Elizabeth Price in the A-N Degree Show Guide, which inspired me to write this piece; along with attending the Leeds Beckett School of Art, Architecture & Design degree show titled ‘Do’.

As an art history graduate I want to suppress the need to dissect art works and think about them on my own terms and, ultimately, enjoy what I am looking at . I didn’t dissect Leeds Beckett’s show, but I did start to think, with my impending Masters, can you see what effect a library might have had on a degree show? Is there any way you could measure this? Can you see which/what resources may have helped?

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A Day in the Life of…

a Library Assistant!

I thought it might be interesting for other people to see a typical day in my life as a library assistant at a university library. I work in the Acquisitions department dealing with our print and e-books. This includes everything from processing orders to books reaching the shelves and/or your computer screen, tablet or phone screen.

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Are you experienced? (Part 2)

In my last blog post I was about to finish university.

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Are you experienced? (Part 1)

I’ve been thinking about this blog post for a while and struggled with how to write it, but firstly I feel like this is the kind of blog post I needed to see a few years ago and secondly I don’t think people’s rocky roads to careers are discussed that much.

This post is going to be really ‘me’ heavy, which I cringe about, however I’m hoping even though this is just from my one perspective it might give other people a different insight into working in libraries.

I’m going to begin by talking about my work history from the start and how my experience has led me to where I am now, which is currently working in a library as a library assistant, working in the acquisitions department with books and e-books and looking forward to starting my Masters in Librarianship this September.

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