The 1st Year in Review

I thought I’d give an overall review of the first year of my Part-time (attending) Master’s in Librarianship. Warning: this is one long blog post!

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Half Way Point – Semester 2

I was meant to post this update before the Easter break, but sadly the Open Access essay and group work I’ve been doing took over! And some relaxing and not doing anything to do with libraries!

I’ve got to Week 7 of Semester 2 of the first year of my Part Time Masters in Librarianship and Week 8 begins next Monday.

Time for a recap!

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The information seeking behaviour of arts students and how to improve this. An Annotated Bibliography.

I wanted to share this assignment with you all (anyone who’s interested), which is an annotated bibliography I had to make for my Information Literacy module. The reason I’m sharing it is because it’s an area of librarianship I feel passionately about and that’s information literacy and arts students.

Who is this for? I’d suggest anyone who works in arts education (not just as a librarian, maybe as a tutor, lecturer, technician, anyone really).

I’m not saying ‘Look at this – the most amazing work ever’ more a ‘Hey, this could be useful and maybe lead you on to even more information’.

We had to have exactly 12 items comprising of at least 1 book, 1 website and 1 academic journal article.

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Week 3 and 4 – Semester 1

I love this illustration by Ketnipz.

ketnipz learningYou can buy his stuff here.

Now I’ve been studying a few weeks the same question is pouring in… ‘How’s the Masters going?’ and I’ve found the best way to describe it is the same way I respond to people who say ‘What did you think of season 3 Twin Peaks?’
My reply ‘Enjoying it is maybe too strong a word… Am I glad I watched it? Yes.’
So am I glad I’m finally doing my Masters? Extremely! Is it enjoyable? Erm…. not in the same way chocolate is enjoyable, or a beer, or staying in bed all day.
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