The School of Ex-Libris

So I had an idea…

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New Year. New Me.

Not really readers! Same old same old over here.
I just wanted to quote a song off the new Bronx album ‘V’, which made my list of top 5 records of 2017!
Oh and also this awesome Hannah Hillam cartoon.
hannah hillam 2
So I survived semester 1! And I have now completed all my assignments.
Lets see what I’ve got going on in 2018 so far…
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A Day in the Life of…

a Library Assistant!

I thought it might be interesting for other people to see a typical day in my life as a library assistant at a university library. I work in the Acquisitions department dealing with our print and e-books. This includes everything from processing orders to books reaching the shelves and/or your computer screen, tablet or phone screen.

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